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Nanite is a next-generation non-viral gene delivery company developing a new class of programmable polymer nanoparticles for a range of modalities and indications.


The company’s AI-driven platform, SAYER combines cutting-edge high-throughput experimental and computational methods to design fit-for-purpose delivery vehicles for cargo and tissue specificity. 

SAYER; (n).
One who says

AI-driven materials design

Insights learned from billions of polymer representations and millions of polymer structures predict performance in diverse biological systems.

Unprecedented synthesis capabilities

Our AI models guide functional chemistry to design therapeutically relevant gene delivery vehicles. Thousands of distinct polymer nanoparticles generated in days.

High-throughput biological screening

Large corpus of biological data generated from therapeutically relevant cells.

In vivo multiplexing

Multiple polymers tested for trafficking, tropism, and expression in one fell swoop. 

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